Flame towers

Mystic and sultry city of “black” oil money Baku – is one of the most attractive and exotic cities in the East. But to impress guests with cultural program, rich historic sightseeing places or traditional hospitality and tasty cuisine are not enough for Baku. The city is located on the coast of the “Land of fire”, that’s why the dynamic spirit and desire are in the DNA of each citizen of this city. The best proof of that is the modern architectural creatures, that quickly became the symbol of the Baku city. The name of this building speaks for itself – Flame Towers. Three huge buildings that reminds forks of flame.

The highest buildings of Azerbaijan, they are visible at any point of the Baku. The design and the most important the evening light effects, that reminds huge bonfire in a state of turbulence, on the high hill, illuminating with reddish gleam everything around. The view is indescribable, and you can enjoy the view for free. Each evening the movement of the flame displays on LED- monitors on the facades of the Flame Towers. This view of transforming 3 huge towers to the three huge torches is absolutely stunning.

According to the survey of the authoritative forum on the urban sciences skyscrapercity.com, the illumination of these towers were recognized the best in the world. For enjoying evening view of the Flame towers in nice atmosphere, visit the bar on the last floor of the Hilton hotel. Right now tower is including Fairmont Baku hotel, office premises and residential apartments. The construction process of Flame tower took almost 5 years, from 2007 – 2012, even if it was planned to complete the construction by 2010. By the way, in spite of seeming absolute identity, towers have different height – each one is higher than 20-30m than the previous one – the height of the towers: 140, 160, 190 m high. There is an opinion among locals, that the appearance of Flame Towers connected to the emblem of Baku city with three folks of flame.

“Flame towers” in Baku. How to get there?

Adress: 1A Mekhti Huseynzada street. The easiest way to get there is to use city cable car, but it’s good to note that there is nothing to do in the territory of the Flame towers, except the case if you stay in Fairmont Baku hotel. The best place to enjoy the view is at the embankment. And the bar on the last floor of the Hilton hotel is offering view of Flame towers in nice atmosphere.