Crystal hall Baku

In 2011, Azerbaijani duet Ell & Nikki won “Eurovision” song contest. As per contest’s rules, thewinner country is the host country. Baku decided to construct new hall near Flag squire in a short period of time- special for Eurovision song contest. So that’s how, Azerbaijan gained unique building with romantic name – Crystal hall with beautiful faсade in the shape of cut-mineral.


The Crystal hall is equipped with high tech systems that creates any imaginable visual effects. External side of building consist of light steel constructions, with almost 10 thousand integrated LED lamps – in the evening Crystal Hall “comes alive” and the lamps are illuminating surroundings with all colors of the rainbow. But that’s not all. Powerful projectors installed on the roof of the hall, send thin light-columns to the sky, this view can be observed from any point in the city.
But inside of Crystal hall you will see just a modest and simple design of concert hall. The reason behind this is so quick construction process or may be for not distracting attention of guests during the concert show. The capacity of the hall is 27.000 spectators: 15.000 – grandstands and 12.000 – for platform.
At the planning stage the hall was considered as a temporary building, but afterwards the decision was changed. After some updates in construction, the specialist assures that the Crystal hall will definitely last at least 30-40 years. During the short period of time, this hall hosted famous cultural and sports events. Besides Eurovision contest’s singer, famous singers like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Shakira, Christina Aguilera rocked on the stage of this hall. First European Games and Chess Olympiad were also hosted in this hall.